Organizations & Team Building

The Israeli Center for Team Building

Escapism is proud to present a new standard of team building activity and organization management Development.

We at Escapism with our Luxury complex and our in-house Organizational Development professionals are leaders in our field of organizational consulting and team building

Each room is equipped with video cameras and sound. During a game session, our staff will watch, analyze, evaluate the team and record their interaction, after the game session ends we will facilitate a debriefing and a discussion accompanied by video records about the interactions, strengths and skills they used to solve the room challenge. You can then use our report to help your team or company enhance their future endeavors and challenges that are ahead. 

Organization daily challenges requires inventing new creative tools for team building and organization management Development.

Escape rooms are a game! They began predominately as a social activity and at their very core they are FUN! As a team building exercise, they’re perfect. The fun takes over, and as teams focus on the task at hand and enjoy the game, they’ll naturally gravitate to their preferred work styles, allowing for a lot of surprises and opportunities for recognizing the different strengths that each team member can bring to the group.

 Succeeding in this activity requires all participants to perform the following:

 Team work and collaboration
 Taking decisions under time pressure
 Creative thinking
 Expressing personal abilities

As part of the activity it is possible to watch the teams on line, relax on our sofas, enjoy beverages, refreshments, and of course popcorn

In addition, it is possible to integrate assortments of lectures of your choosing and meal in one of the surrounding restaurants