What is it

Escape room is a new and exciting entertainment concept in which you and your friends are locked inside a room full of mystery. Your goal is to escape in 60 minutes and for achieving this goal you must search for clues, solve riddles, use your wits, think fast and work as a team. Step out of reality and be the hero in a movie where you and your friends are the main characters.

If you are looking for a unique family time, good time with your friends, coworkers, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party or an original date. Instead of another regular activity you will be able to exhibit your hidden abilities, use your head, think, get excited and full of adrenaline in an experience that you will remember long after it ends.

Escapism offers you a challenging and exciting day in our fancy and comfortable 250 meters facility in the middle of Tel-Aviv.

What this room escape?

Escape Room He plays real life, playing original and entertaining group where you and your friends will be locked in a room full of style puzzles and clues. You and your friends have 60 minutes to escape the room.
Yes, but do not worry. Each room is run by the watch and hear everything that happens inside. At any given moment you can ask to leave and end the game.
yes! You must be 16 years old to participate. You can still participate even if you are young, although you must be accompanied by a parent
It is up to you. The time limit is 60 minutes, but if you and your friends work as a team may be able to score a new record time.
You can bring your personal belongings with you, however, cell phones and video cameras should be left out. We promise to keep them safe for you and return it only if you “like” us and give a positive review)
In http://escapisem.co.il our site we have worked very hard to make the ordering process as easy as possible, so each page you can find the order button. Just look for the round red circle with the words “Order Now”, click it, choose the game you want to play and the number of players and then tap “Next”. Here you can choose the time and date for the game. Something went wrong? Do not worry, just give us a call, text us, email us, fires, or use Morse code and we will make it for you.
In general, we are a bunch of friendly people who like to meet new friends at any time while awake, however, come in here without a warrant first means you take the risk that someone else has been playing room escape nor will you wait to availability.

We do not have escapism. There are other escape rooms, some of which are played in the dark.

Why? Because it’s a great experience! It is much cooler and certainly more original than all other forms of entertainment l! In fact, the game at Escape Room provides an excellent alternative to a common experience, forming and laughing.

Yeah sure. Our escape rooms complex is one of the largest and most luxurious in Israel, covering 250 meters in the center of Tel Aviv. Do not worry, there is a parking garage. Every week we have Christmas celebrations at Escape Rooms.

Of course it is possible. Celebrate a bachelorette party in an escape room. The event can be combined with a personal workshop from the selection of workshops we offer, and of course catering and drinking trays for your choice. Our luxurious detective room area will give you a high quality experience.