Happy birthday and congratulations

Birthday you celebrate with escapism

Kids birthday parties

This is what we do, this is what we good at, every week we arrange great and memorable birthday parties in our luxury compound, the smile on the kids’ faces says it all. While the kids play, the parents relax on our sofas and watch the kids play on our big screen tv.

The kids play, wear customs, eat drink and have fun as only kids know to do


What we offer:

  •  Private party, its possible to close the compound for your own private occasion
  •  Refreshments and beverages
  •  Balloons, helium balloons
  •  Customs
  •  Escape rooms
  •  Celebration
  •  Cake
  •  Pictures

Do you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday with their classmates in our escape rooms?

Celebrate an original bachelorette party? Funny evening with your buds? A date night to be remembered?

Welcome to Escapism, we have just what you’re looking for:

Great escape rooms, costumes, refreshments and beverages packs, and vast assortment of activities.

We will do our best to turn your special occasion to a great, funny, and original experience that you will always remember.

Still after hundreds of birthday parties we can’t tell who enjoy more, the kids or the

We celebrated a birthday in the escape room Lord of the Rings, enjoyed a lovely and warm hospitality, felt professional caring and dedication to hosting the workshop with Lilach Shalom was instructive and conveyed wisely and sensitively that everyone was fascinated and satisfied, the escape room was smart and sophisticated to the right extent and gave us a challenging and enjoyable experience .. the place.
Tomer D
Thank you very much to any Escapism team for a perfect birthday !!! The staff is charming and caring, the atmosphere is great, and the escape room is fun and exciting! The children enjoyed it so much that they wanted to come in again ... Thank you very much! "

Hadad S